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Low Power TV In 1 Minute    Updated 2/26/2023

1.) Viewers Need At Least An 80 dBu Contour To See You.   Forget the FCC's 51 dBu, 48 dBu and 41 dBu. If advertisers cannot hook rabbit ears to a TV in their home or office and watch your station, they will not buy advertising from you. Coverage

2.) Interference, Something Your Engineer May Not Point Out.  Just because the FCC grants you a construction permit does not mean you are going to have interference free coverage. I show you how one station went from covering 157,000+ to 9,000 in their 80 dBu. You have to check this stuff. Interference

3.) Your Income From Leasing Is $2,000 Per Million People In Your 80 dBu Contour, Per Stream, Per Month.   Minimum $500. So you need (8) SD streams because advertisers are probably not going to pay you 4 times for HD versus SD. The question is can you make it on 1/3 of $4,000 a month? If not, how do you improve on the average? LPTV Economics

4.) Are You Charging More Than A Super Bowl Ad?   A Super Bowl spot is $5,500,000. for 100% of 96,400,000 people watching. That comes to $0.057 per person. So is 25 cents per 30 second spot a more realistic amount for your station? Is 15 second spots a possibility? LPTV Economics

5.) Why Are You Trying To Program When People Are Not Watching?   People do not watch a TV station 24 hours a day. Most people watch for 3-1/2 hours a day. So shouldn't you create a solid 3 hours and repeat it so people can tune in at any time of the day and watch your best? Programming

6.) Sometimes It Is Better To Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond.   If you are trying to sell advertising, you are better off being the only station in a small town then 1 of 20 stations in a larger market. The only way to make more money is to have a higher percentage of viewers. LPTV Economics

   In one minute you have learned more from R & L than any other LPTV company. That's because these are the things that matter, not ATSC 3.0 or expensive equipment. We cannot tell you how many people were talked into equipment they did not need in the last couple of years due to sales folk that cared about their bottom line, not yours.

   R & L wants you to succeed, not just sell you something. Give us a call at (615) 826-0792 to see how we can help you.
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