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   I cannot tell you how many times new clients would tell us their horror stories of being sold transmitters that were too big and automations that were too complicated. We knew we were on to something special when they would thank us for cleaning up the mess and making their station operation so easy.

   R & L Media Systems is one of the few total Low Power TV Consulting company that can take you from application through equipment purchasing, installation, training, programming. We have been involved in LPTV since the mid 1980's and we operate stations across the US to testing the equipment we sell to make sure what we recommend works. LPTV is like any other business, you have a fixed income you can make from an area so it does not make sense to spend more than you need to. (There are manufactures who talk stations into spending way more than they need to in order to make quotas.) We look at a stations maximum coverage, then start backing down the power to find the "sweet" spot where the 80/20 rule hits, i.e. you spend 80% less and loose very few people.

   Look thru our site and let's talk. All pages are made to be printed out based on a .75 margin and saved in a notebook to create an operation manual. We are loading new articles every day. It cost nothing to talk and haven't found anyone who we talk to that hasn't learned something to use to make station better.

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